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Sawa's Old Warsaw Policy Guidelines

It is the policy of Sawa’s Old Warsaw to provide a clean, safe, and fun family-friendly environment for all to enjoy the Authentic Polish American Smorgasbord. Please take a moment to read our gridlines below to help maintain that policy as we continue to serve you, our valued customer.


What TO DO when you visit the Buffet

icon green check Wash your hands before going up to the Buffet

icon green check Take a clean plate every time to visit the Buffet

icon green check Sample food by taking only one piece with you

icon green check Get Free refills on Coffee, Tea and Soft Drinks

icon green check Ask for a Carry-out Container for lunch or dinner to go

icon green check Let us know if we can better serve you (Speak Out Online)

icon green check Tip your Server for the quality service they provided

icon green check Ask for assistance to carry your food, if you need it

icon green check Make a reservation for parties of eight (8) or more

icon green check Tell your friends about the great food & service you enjoyed today



What NOT TO DO when you visit the Buffet

icon red x Do not waste food... Only take what you care to eat

icon red x Do not pick up any food from the Buffet without utensils

Red X Do not use the same plate/bowl again, get a clean one each time

icon red x Do not leave your children unattended during your visit

icon red x Do not let children (10 and under) approach the Buffet on their own

icon red x Do not hesitate to use your coupons, offers or discounts

icon red x Do not forget to sign-up for the Polonia Gazeta on the website

icon red x Do not complain to others about poor service... Tell US!

Live Jazz & Special Events

Thursday, October 26th
◊To Jazz or Not to Jazz 10 ◊
presentation starts  7:15 p.m.
*Special Offer in the Polonia Gazeta

Thursday, November 2nd
Live Jazz ~ Jeff Hedberg & C11
The Jazz Room - 7 p.m. Start

Sunday, November 12th
Bears vs Packers @ 12 Noon
Watch on Gaint Screen TV
*Special Offer in Polonia Gazeta

Thursday, December 14th
Holiday Party ~ Petra's Recession Seven
The Jazz Room - 7 p.m. Start Time
Open to Public

Oxtail Stew - 1st Wednesday

Join us for Oxtail Stew
1st Wednesday of the Month
~ Only $17 All Day ~

November 1st, 2017

December 6th, 2017

Note: Price is effective during lunch and dinner. No exceptions.

Speak Out Online

Speak Out Online Form

Click the image above to visit our Speak Out Online Submission Form - Provide feedback and get a discount off your next meal!